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New England Curb Appeal Doesn’t Stop at The Door - Introducing Fencing, Lighting and Mailbox Posts

Posted by Amanda Pittsley on Jun 16, 2022 9:48:29 AM

Driveway entrance gate with Gray Bush Hammer Pavers and Woodbury Gray Lamp Posts for Rustic Outdoor Lighting

The front of your home is more than just paint, trim and steps. You can create a stunning New England look with aesthetic details around your property that bring beauty and value to your curb appeal.

You may have noticed that neighborhoods across the northeast have certain features that are quintessential hallmarks of New England style. One of them is the use of granite as a building stone. And for a good reason - it was the local building material of choice back in the 19th century due to the abundance found locally in the hills surrounding the New England states. As its popularity grew, so did the population as skilled stone workers and prospectors from Europe found new opportunities in America and crafted beautiful stonework on New England homes.

Woodbury Gray granite natural stone mailbox post and landscaping for curb appeal

Using granite posts for various functional elements of your outdoor space can benefit you in several ways:

  • It’s virtually maintenance-free.
  • It’s durable by nature and able to withstand the freeze-thaw cycle.
  • Swenson’s lifetime warranty backs it.
  • Custom fabrication is available to accommodate special sizes.
  • It comes directly from our North American quarries.

Gray granite lamp post makes for long lasting outdoor lighting and classic New England Curb Appeal

How to Achieve Timeless New England Curb Appeal with Granite and Outdoor Lighting

See for yourself how granite posts are not only attractive but more durable than other material by visiting your nearest Swenson showroom and our soon-to-be newest showroom located in East Wareham, MA.

Visit a Swenson Granite store near you.

Here are some uses of granite for posts in your hardscape design:

Country Farmhouse Style Fence for New England Yard

Granite fence posts

Fences mark where you want to guide people around your home for protection and decorative touches. From establishing a property line, creating a boundary around your front yard, creating a safety barrier around a pool area or putting in a gateway to welcome visitors, you want your fence to stand straight and strong to perform its required task.

Unlike wood, chain link, vinyl and metal, granite can withstand harsh natural elements, making it the best choice for fence posts that won’t ever need replacing.

A fence can also enhance the style of your hardscape design, whether it’s a rustic look or sleek straight lines for a more modern feel to match any country or city setting.

Backyard Fence Gate Posts using Woodbury Gray granite from Swenson Granite Works

Project by Steven A Desmarais Construction

Our classic Eastern Gray™ granite posts work well for fences and entry gates. We stock them in 7’-0” long, with a hand-chiseled 5’-0” reveal on all rock face finishes.

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Woodbury Gray granite lamp post provides outdoor lighting and creates a welcoming landscape design for any backyard

Granite lamp posts 

Good lighting is essential to any landscape design, not only for safety reasons but also for the lovely aesthetic glow it provides. Unlike wood and iron lamp posts that rot and rust, granite lamp posts made from natural stone can withstand the elements for ultimate longevity and value. 

Long Lasting and Affordable Outdoor Lighting for Front or Backyard using Swenson Granite Posts

Project by Elwell's Masonry Inc.

Granite lamp posts come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be customized for any project. Each post is drilled for wiring and is ready to accept mounting hardware and your lamp fixture.

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Granite mailbox posts 

Colorful Landscape plantings and granite mailbox post add New England charm and curb appeal to this home's front yard and drivewayProject by Seoane Landscape Design

“Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds.” While this old saying applies to your mail delivery, make sure it applies to your mailbox as well. Receiving mail is important. You can guarantee your mailbox will be up for the task when it’s on a granite mailbox post.

If you have an existing mailbox on a wooden, plastic, metal or concrete post, it will likely give in to environmental erosion over time, causing the post to deteriorate or even fall down.

Replace your unsightly mailbox post and enjoy a granite mailbox post for a lifetime. Popular styles are in stock with several bracket options and styles to choose from. Mailbox installation is available for an additional charge.  Ask your Swenson associate for details. 

Achieving New England Curb Appeal using Natural Stone for front yard retaining wall, granite steps and outdoor lighting post

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For more inspiration, download our inspiration book on posts.

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