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Build a Durable Granite Fire Pit Perfect for Any Outdoor Living Space

Posted by Amanda Pittsley on Sep 12, 2017 4:44:00 PM

Swenson Granite DIY Fire Pit

Whether for gatherings, s’mores, relaxation, or simply keeping warm on a crisp evening, a fire pit is an essential outdoor feature for any backyard.

Always a crowd-pleaser, a cozy fire pit gathering is a great way to entertain, especially when the pool is no longer in use. Even when you want to lounge by yourself or with family, the fire pit is an ideal place to unwind after work and unplug from the phone and TV. Surrounded by foliage and gazing at the stars, it’s impossible to not feel a sense of happiness and relaxation by a blazing fire.

There are plenty of fire pit design ideas and options out there, but Swenson Granite Works has the perfect DIY kit – quick and easy to assemble. It will take less than a day to complete, so if you start in the morning you’ll be sitting by the fire before the lightning bugs start winking. Swenson’s fire pit is made from Woodbury Gray granite, with a 30” diameter cast iron ring and tilt back cooking grate included. Other ring styles are available.

Swenson Granite DIY Fire Pit

Our fire pits are stocked in Woodbury Gray, plus six other granite colors are available by special order: Autumn Pink, Caledonia, Deer Isle, Bethel White, Concord Gray and Cambrian Black.

There are 16 blocks per tier, and each block weighs roughly 50 lbs. The fire pit is available as 1-tier, 2-tier or 3-tier.


Swenson Granite DIY Fire Pit


Brick and concrete are two other materials typically considered for fire pits, but there are several reasons to go with granite instead. Unlike brick and concrete, granite blocks are naturally durable and will withstand the freeze-thaw cycle. They are also virtually maintenance free.

With our DIY kit, far less stones are used then with a brick or concrete fire pit. Also, no mortar is used – the blocks are stacked and they will stay together. Less stone, less time, and best of all, less work for you.

Metal Dome Fire Pit Screen

Metal dome fire pit screens are available to purchase from Swenson Granite Works. The dome screen will offer an added layer of protection from the fire and prevent sparks from burning those sitting around it. However, if you want to partially expose the fire, the dome does open up.  


Our step-by step instructions will make assembling your fire pit easy and accurate.

1. You will first need to excavate an area approximately 4’-6” in diameter and at least 6” in depth.  Fill the area with processed gravel or mason sand, compacting until level. Then, dig a hole in the center of this circle approximately 12” in diameter and 24” deep and fill it with crushed stone. This will allow proper drainage during periods of rain. If you are building your fire pit on top of a solid surface, such as a patio with stone pavers, take out enough pavers in the middle of the circle to dig the required hole, then pitch the remainder of the pavers that are within the circle toward the hole for proper drainage.

2. As our granite fire pit blocks are a natural stone, there will be a variation in thickness, which is well within the standard industry guidelines for cut granite products. Take some time to sort through the blocks and make groups of sixteen blocks that match thickness as closely as possible, reserving the most consistent block layers for use as your middle and/or top layers.  The reason for this is that the bottom layer is your most flexible layer, in that you can adjust the gravel to create a level surface with which to add additional layers. It may be necessary to shim some of the layers for them to remain level.  We recommend thin plastic shims, which we can provide for you at additional cost.

3. Using the metal ring as a guide, line up sixteen granite fire pit blocks around the ring, which will create a circle of granite with a 30” inside diameter.  Adjust the fire pit blocks as needed to be sure they are tight together, and that they are level. Then, remove the metal fire ring.

4. Install the second layer of fire pit blocks on top of the first layer, overlapping blocks as you go to form a solid bond.  Install the metal fire ring into this second layer, to ensure that you have a good tight fit, or add a third layer of fire pit blocks before fitting the metal fire ring.

5. The interior of the fire pit will need to be filled with processed gravel or mason sand. Compact the layers of gravel every four inches or so, until you reach the bottom of the flange of the metal fire ring, readjusting stones as needed to create a good fit.

6. Light a fire and enjoy your quality fire pit from Swenson Granite Works!

You can use our printer friendly version of the Fire Pit Installation Guide to simplify the process.

Our fire pit spec sheet will give you technical specifications, tier options and material choices. Download it here.

Fire Pit Spec Sheet

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