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Add Year-Round Visual Interest to Your Yard with These Ornamental Features

Posted by Amanda Pittsley on Nov 26, 2019 8:12:32 AM
Swenson Granite Works cobblestone and millstone fountain

In the same way a unique painting or statement chair can transform an entire room, ornamental features of all sizes can elevate an outdoor space. From handcrafted benches to custom-engraved millstones, Swenson Granite Works offers a range of granite ornamental products for every backyard style.

Opt for Durable Natural Stone

When it comes to choosing materials for ornamental features, says “thoughtful stone selection, based on the architectural aesthetic of the home” is an important consideration. Whether your house and landscape are rustic or contemporary, your choice of materials should work in harmony with your existing design.

Durability is also key when selecting decorative features. “It’s important to use really high quality materials to ensure that the design is beautiful and enduring,” explains Gardens for Living. While outdoor decor made of concrete or plastic requires frequent maintenance and replacement, investing in lasting materials will ensure minimal upkeep.

Swenson’s granite ornamental features offer exceptional quality and durability and are available in a range of different color options and styles. WOODBURY GRAY™ is the most popular color, but six additional options are available.

Swenson Granite Works stone options

Swenson’s granite is available in a wide array of colors, ranging from WOODBURY GRAY™ to CAMBRIAN BLACK®.

You can make an ornamental feature your own with Swenson’s custom engraving. Transform your piece into a timeless memorial for friends or loved ones, or add an unexpected touch with a unique creative design.

Woodbury Gray™ granite bench with custom engraving

Woodbury Gray™ granite bench with custom engraving

AUTUMN PINK granite standard apex bird bath with custom engraving

AUTUMN PINK granite standard apex bird bath with custom engraving

If you have any questions about customizations, or need guidance in finding the perfect decorative element for your home, contact your local Swenson Granite Works store.

Add Year-Round Visual Interest to Your Yard with These Ornamental Features

While creating visual interest in the summer is easy with flourishing trees and vibrant flowers, strategically designing a hardscape with ornamental elements can ensure an eye-catching backyard throughout the seasons.

Granite bird bath

“In growing seasons, (hardscapes) should blend in seamlessly with and support the existing foliage,” explains Gardens for Living. “However, in colder months… hardscapes take a lead role as the focal point of a garden. If you want to truly enjoy your outdoor space year round, you’ll need to make sure you have a hardscape that is thoughtfully designed to be beautiful all on its own.”

By considering factors like proportion, height and color when choosing outdoor accents, you can create a well-designed space with several points of visual interest. With charming elements like bird baths and millstones, you can make your backyard a vibrant space year-round, with or without lush foliage.


For homeowners looking to maximize their outdoor living space, functional yet visually appealing elements like granite benches are an excellent option.

Granite benches

Two of our classic designs, the s-style with its unique shape and tree style with a delicate curve are the perfect addition to any garden, quiet place of reflection or remembrance, both measure 48” x 14” x 4”, rock face on all edges.

Woodbury Gray™ granite classic rectangular bench
Woodbury Gray™ granite classic rectangular bench

“One of the most durable materials is stone,” says Home Stratosphere. “When you have a piece of furniture that stays outside, durability is important. A stone bench also matches perfectly with masonry and other stone structures.”

Swenson’s granite benches are virtually maintenance-free and, unlike wooden benches, will not be subject to damage in cold or humid weather. They are available in a range of styles and edge finishes: s-shape, kidney, tree, rectangular, antique, seat-wall style, and park style with a backrest.

Woodbury Gray™ granite classic rectangular benches

Woodbury Gray™ granite classic rectangular benches elevate this DIY backyard project in Bow, NH. The edging, steps, and posts are Woodbury Gray™ granite, complete with a custom water feature on the center post.

Autumn Pink standard style kidney benches

These Autumn Pink granite standard style kidney benches complement a circular patio.


Swenson’s granite compasses add a touch of old-world elegance without compromising durability. Not only will a compass serve as an interesting focal point, it can also function as a navigational tool if positioned correctly.

Set your granite compass into a walkway or patio, cement it upright onto an exterior wall, or use it as a tabletop.

Swenson Granite Works stocks Woodbury Gray granite compasses in both 18 and 30 inches in diameter. A range of options are available for customization, from colors to custom engraving.

Woodbury Gray™ granite compass rose

A Woodbury Gray™ granite compass rose adds one-of-a-kind style to the patio of this home. Project by Seoane Landscape Design.

Compass engraved in a Woodbury Gray™ granite walkway.

An engraved compass adds an artistic, nautical touch to a classic Woodbury Gray™ granite walkway.

Granite compass surrounded by gray cobblestones

A granite compass surrounded by gray cobblestones

Custom engraved granite compass

Swenson can custom-engrave your home state into a granite compass.

Chess Tables

A granite chess table adds both visual interest and excitement to your yard. This classic game is something that both players and onlookers can appreciate.

Woodbury Gray™ granite chess table


Woodbury Gray™ granite chess table


Woodbury Gray™ granite chess table

The Rotary Club of Danvers donated a Woodbury Gray™ granite chess table and benches handcrafted by Swenson Granite Works to the front yard of the Peabody Institute Library of Danvers.


A millstone can stand on its own as an eye-catching historical element in your backyard. With some imagination, the options for creative uses are limitless: use it as a focal point on your patio, an entry step outside your garden, a centerpiece for a unique water feature, or as the base of a flag pole.

Swenson Granite Works stocks millstones that are 4 feet in diameter and 7 inches thick, along with a smaller 30 inch option. Swenson also carries two different sizes of half-moon millstone steps, so there is an array of different varieties to choose from.

Swenson Granite Works’ millstones feature lasting, handcrafted details, and for extra customization, you can engrave them with meaningful words, numbers or symbols.

Woodbury Gray™ granite millstone

This Woodbury Gray™ granite millstone acts as an entry step within the arbor for homeowners and guests to transition from the driveway to the backyard.

Granite millstone personalized with engraving

A millstone personalized with engraving

Swenson Granite Works granite millstone

A Swenson Granite Works millstone adds an old-world look and feel to the center of this brick driveway. Project by Nature’s Elite Landscaping.

Bird Baths

Woodbury Gray™ granite classic apex bird bath

Woodbury Gray™ granite classic apex bird bath -- a round bath with a 36 inch high pedestal.

Create a quaint outdoor space to enjoy nature with a granite bird bath. This classic ornamental feature attracts birds of all species year-round while also benefiting your garden. Birds are helpful in aerating surrounding soil, eating plant-destroying insects, and pollinating flowers and plants.

Swenson’s bird baths come in four styles and five color options, making it easy to choose the perfect piece for your backyard.

 Autumn Pink granite standard apex bird bath

This Autumn Pink granite standard apex bird bath adds a geometric element against vibrant flowers.

Woodbury Gray granite octagon bird bath

A Woodbury Gray™ granite octagonal bird bath with a square base complements the soft, natural landscape.

Want to showcase your ornamental products from Swenson Granite Works? Send us your photos to share!

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